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Governing Body

As governors of Great Hollands Primary School, we have a strong commitment to the school and to the education and wellbeing of all our children. We represent different sections of the community and are formed from parents, the Great Hollands’ community, Bracknell Forest council nominees, teaching and non- teaching staff.

Our main purpose is to maintain and improve the quality of education and the standards of achievement within the school as well as the learning environment and school facilities. This means we are here to ensure the pupils are taught the national curriculum, that they are safe and enjoy their learning. We ensure the school spends its money wisely and that the buildings are kept in good repair. We work very closely with the head teacher, senior managers and the bursar in making policy decisions regarding the school ethos as well as staffing, health and safety, the curriculum and many other things that affect the running of the school.

We meet together once every half term and also belong to committees to discuss and decide on Curriculum or financial issues. who also meet once every half term. We often attend Parents’ evenings and Open days and are always available to hear your concerns and to share in our children’s successes. The Governors are very involved in the daily life of the school. Having identified a need to help raise the self-esteem of some of our children, we have organized the Girls Only Club and the Best Boys Club for nominated children, during the lunch time. We help run the school Council to give the children experience of leadership and responsibility. We run the Science club and listen to children read and support the children on school trips. We regularly look at the attainment of each child and monitor the outcomes of initiatives introduced. The Governors have also been very involved in the development of this web site and in providing reading books for the children. We ensure that the school receives appropriate support from the Borough and have recently had the boiler and pipes replaced, the roof replaced and the chimney removed. Thanks to the support from FROGS we are delighted with the pirate ship and the new climbing equipment.

We ensure that the school receives appropriate support from the local authority and thank the FROGs for all they do to support out children. 

If you wish to contact one of the governors, you can leave a message via the school office or alternatively email Louise La Cumbre Further information on roles and committees are on PDF's attached at the bottom on the page, as well as information on attendance and business interests which are on the pages on the left.

School Governing Body

Name and Position Held End of term of office Committees
Head Teacher    
Richard Ferris - M&R/P&P
1 x LA Governor/Chair of Governors    
Mary Temperton 16/06/2020  M&R / P&P
2 x Parent Governors    
Garry Swann  12/10/2019 M&R 
Julie Taylor  11/12/2020 M&R/Chair of M&R
1 x Staff Governor     
Caroline Pratt  13/09/2019 P&P
9 x Co-opted Governors    
Keith Stapylton 14/09/2018 P&P Chair
Penny Tomlin 14/09/2018 M&RP&P
Gillian Rose 14/09/2018 P&P
Nicky York 03/07/2020 M&R/P&P
Adrian Tobin 03/07/2020 M&R

Governors who have left Governing body in the last 12 months


Date joined

Date left

Appointed by

Samantha Leach



Governing body

Gabi Wigston  



Governing body

Nicola Harrison



Governing body

Subhadra Sunwar



Governing body

Clare Bumpass




Caroline March



Governing body

Andrea Flight 14/09/2015 10/02/2017 Governing Body

A PDF of this information is also available below.