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Meet the Staff

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School Leadership Team


Mr R Ferris

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs N York

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs N Watson

Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs C March

Key Stage 1 Leader

Miss V Estcourt

Key Stage 2 Leader

Mrs N Watson

School Business Manager

Mrs J Revill

Class Structure 2017-18



Support Staff

Inclusion Staff

Foundation Stage 1 am


NAM - Miss P Marsh

Miss L Parry

Mrs R Oakley

Mrs C Bird


Foundation Stage 1 pm


NPM - Miss P Marsh

Miss C Collins


Foundation Stage 2

RCM - Mrs C March

RLJ - Miss L Jones

Miss S Wright

Miss R Docherty

Mrs M Creech

Miss S Taylor

Year 1

1CP - Mrs C Pratt

1MT - Mr M Thomas

Mrs D Lindsey

Mrs R Kingsnorth

Miss D Malyon

Year 1/2

1/2KF - Mrs K Fifield

Mrs K Griffin


Year 2

2VE - Miss V Estcourt

2VA - Mrs V Andrew

Mrs A Wheeler

Mrs G Graham


Year 3

3GV - Mrs G van der Rest

3LH - Miss L Hawkins

Mrs H Martin

Mrs A Durbridge


Year 4

4CB - Miss C Birkhead

4LB - Miss L Baillie

Mrs K Dower

Mrs S Fallon


Year 5

5ES - Miss E Smith

5RL - Mr R Lee

Miss J Brown

Mrs H Sparshott


Year 6

6NW – Mrs Watson

6SP - Mr S Phillips

Mrs S Botley

Mrs M Matthews


Physical Education

Mr J Roberts

Mr D Sleet

Mr L Simpson


School Wide Support

Cover Teachers

Mrs J Lee

Mrs J Purdy

Special Needs Coordinator

Mrs N Watson

Family Support Advisor

Mrs S Tranter

SEN, Inclusion &

Family Support Team

Miss E Pace

Mrs B Balza

Mr J Keohane

Mrs R Locker

Mrs A Main

Mrs L La Cumbre

ICT Support

Mr L Pearce

Lunchtime Support Team

Mrs D Radford

Mrs L Clark

Miss C Limer

Mrs K Coker

Miss C Frost

School Business Team

School Business Manager

Mrs J Revill

School Secretary

Mrs J Morgan

Finance Officer

Mrs T King

Admin Assistant

Mrs K Wise

Site Manger

Mr M Baker

Site Assistant

Mr E Helyer

Local Transition Board Members  

Member and Chair of the Board of Trustees

Mr Nick Jones

Executive Headteacher and Trustee

Miss Mary Davies

Director of Finance and Operations and Trustee

Mr Jonathon Peck

Trustee and Chair of Maiden Erlegh School's Local Advisory Board

Mr Bob Kenwrick

Teacher Representative on Maiden Erlegh School's Local Advisory Board

Mr Ben Garner

General Inspector Advisor SEN, Hampshire Childrens Services

Mrs Sharon Salmon

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