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We love reading!

Sharing a love of reading in Foundation Stage

During the past week, all the children in Foundation Stage 2 have had the opportunity to experience Guided Reading.  An adult and small group of children each have a copy of the same book and all share the same learning objective.  We have been thinking about how to handle books carefully, whilst looking at the pictures and predicting what the story may be about.  We have been using the vocabulary: title, front and back cover, pages, turn, beginning and end. Your child will have brought home a book from school which relates to their recent Guided Reading experience.  The book may be wordless but this can encourage more vocabulary and interaction between you and your child.  We would love to hear from any parents or grandparents who would be interested in helping with reading in school.  No training required - just a love of sharing books!  Please contact any member of the team if you can help.  This can be on an occasional basis or as a regular visitor.  

In phonics we are adding to our collection of sounds with: ck, e, u and r

We are also looking at environmental text: supermarket logos, road signs etc.

Have you noticed how your children can identify items and places just by a logo?