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Year 5 Blog

  • Fascinating Fort Nelson

    Published 15/03/18

    Year 5 had a fantastic trip to Fort Nelson on Tuesday 15th March.

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  • Chinese New Year - Are you ready for the dragon dance?

    Published 28/02/18

    Every child in Year 5 got to participate in celebrating the Chinese New Year through a music and dance workshop. It was amazing!

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  • Spanish Fiesta in Five!

    Published 21/07/17

    Year 5 cooked up a storm on 20th July. They spent the day cooking Spanish Tortilla, Spicy Spanish Meatballs and the Traditional Paella. 

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  • More DT Fun! Investigating structures.

    Published 22/03/17

    Using straws, lollypop sticks and plasticine; we made different structures to see which one would be the most sturdy for a catapult.

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  • Elastic Fantastic DT!

    Published 15/03/17

    Charlie, Lennon and Millie investigating the power of an elastic band.

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  • Romans at Reading Museum

    Published 07/03/17

    Please enter an introduction for your blog post here.

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  • New Blog Post

    Published 24/02/17

    Welcome back to Spring 2 term!

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  • Roman mosaics - stage 1!

    Published 27/01/17

    Here is part of Charlie and Freddie's Roman mosaic. 

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  • Roman Day

    Published 27/01/17

    The Roman Army invaded our class today!

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  • Maths fun! 10 or Bust!

    Published 18/01/17

    Here is a picture of 5ES playing 10 or bust using decimals to add to 10.

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