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Maths fun! 10 or Bust!

Here is a picture of 5ES playing 10 or bust using decimals to add to 10.

10 or Bust is a game where you have to add numbers to 10 by rolling a dice. When you roll the dice you partner decides whether it is the value of a one or a tenth.  Then once you've got two numbers you add them. After that, your partner does it again and the first closest to ten is the winner.

It was good fun and we got closer to 10 with each game we played. We noticed that starting with lower numbers e.g. tenths made it easier to build up to 10 in 8 goes. 

You can play this at home - you only need a dice, 2 players and paper and pencil to record your running totals.

Written by 'The Blog Team!' 5ES