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Year 6 Week 5

Year 6's blog that has Greek myths to Maths.

 Y6 Blog 5                                                                                                                                               This is Year 6's 5th blog. Everyone individual pupil has been working their hardest.

 This is what weve been doing:                                                                                                           A diary entry of Theseus                                                                                                                    Pie charts, Line graphs Ect. In maths                                                                                                Using pronouns in SPaG                                                                                                                      Finishing off our Mythical beast in Art.

 Our diary of Theseus                                                                                                                            In our diary of Theseus we talked about how he was feeling and what he was seeing when  he met the Minotaur. We were also talking about how Theseus felt leaving his father to go  to the Island of Crete to help his Country!