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Year 3/4 Tag Rugby

Our Year 3/4’s have practiced Tag Rugby in PE this half-term and learnt about the tackle, running with the ball, passing backwards, the knock-on and we have also looked at the off-side rule.

Having had much practice we went to the annual Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Tournament. We battled as well as we could on a field that turned into a mud-bath during the day. We gave it our best shot, but with only winning 1 game of our 6 group matches, we didn't qualify for the quarter-finals – but we did show a lot of enthusiasm and determination that bodes well for when we come to play in the year 5/6 tournaments in a couple of years time.

Two weeks later, we went to Beechwood in Reading, who are a rugby-mad school. We played absolutely superbly and only lost the match by 1 point with a last minute try from them.

All were very pleased with their performances and all the team are looking forward to next season with great enthusiasm.

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