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Other Learning

Please see below for other learning resources and activities from different areas of our curriculum.  This page will be updated regularly and the most recently added resources will always be located at the top of the page.

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Summer Term, Week 12 - w/c 13th July


All About Me!

I am an Amazing Person Worksheet

I Can Statements Worksheet

Let Your Worries Go Worksheet

My Positivity Jar Activity Sheet

My Ten-Minute Journal

Positive Affirmations Fortune Teller

Returning to School Bag Challenge

Summary of My Time Away from School

What I am Thinking but not Saying Spin Wheel

What Positives have come from Lockdown Worksheet

What Questions Do You Have about Returning to School

Summer Term, Week 11 - w/c 6th July

Design and Build your own Rollercoaster PowerPoint

Design and Build your own Rollercoaster Design Sheets

Summer Term, Week 10 - w/c 29th June

Geography Lesson 1 - Erosion and Deposition PowerPoint

How Rivers Change Shape Activity Sheet

Geography Lesson 2 - How Do We Use Rivers? PowerPoint

Uses of Rivers Activity Sheet

Uses of Rivers Answers Sheet

Geography Lesson 3 - Holding Back the Flood PowerPoint

Dam Case Studies Activity Sheet

Debating Dams Activity Sheet

Summer Term, Week 9 - w/c 22nd June

Geography Lesson 1 - Where Does Our Water Come From? PowerPoint

UK Rivers Map

UK Rivers Activity Sheet

Geography Lesson 2 - Rivers of the World PowerPoint

Rivers of the World Activity Sheet

Geography Lesson 3 - Features of a River PowerPoint

River Course Photo Pack

River Features Activity Sheet

Summer Term, Week 8 - w/c 15th June


History - Lesson 1: At the Movies

History - Lesson 2: Football

Summer Term, Week 7 - w/c 8th June

PSHE - Same but Different

Summer Term, Week 6 - w/c 1st June


Monday - Map Symbols PowerPoint / Geography Map 1 / Geography Map 2 / OS Symbols

Tuesday - Compass Symbols PowerPoint / Compass Directions Activity

Wednesday - Grid References PowerPoint / Geography Map

Thursday - Planning a Route PowerPoint / Geography Map / Route Planning Activity Sheet

Summer Term, Week 5 - w/c 18th May

Year 6 History - 18th May 2020

Wartime Recipes Booklet

Summer Term, Week 4 - w/c 11th May

Year 6 History - 11th May 2020

Art - Blitz Skyline

Summer Term, Week 3 - w/c 4th May

Year 6 History - 4th May 2020

Carrot Cookies Rationing Recipe

Summer Term, Week 2 - w/c 27th April

Year 6 History - 27th April 2020

Summer Term, Week 1 - w/c 20th April

Year 6 History - 20th April 2020

History Supporting Document

PSHE - 30 Challenges to keep you occupied!