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Values and Ethos

Values and Ethos

Maiden Erlegh Trust Schools' priorities are the education, well-being and personal development of every student and we are proud to be a school of opportunity, diversity and success for all.

Year on yearstudents of all abilities of all age ranges achieve their potential, and even more because of our focus on providing and delivering the highest quality education possible. This high quality education is strengthened by our close partnership with parents, families and the wider community and safeguarding and developing these relationships are an important part of our work.

Our school is first and foremost a working community enriched by staff, parents and students from diverse backgrounds and with an array of different interests and talents which they contribute to the school. In this context we actively promote mutual respect, equality, an understanding of other cultures, empathy with the wider world and a strong and collaborative work ethic.

We offer a proven high quality education in a safe, caring and stimulating environment. We believe that academic success flourishes within an ethos of clear and high expectations and clear routines. Our curriculum is broad and its delivery varied and skilled: we want all students to have choice and to be successful in a range of subjects meaningful to them. We also aim to foster a love of learning and help students develop the skills necessary to be resilient and adaptable learners, all of which will help them in the next phase of their education and in adult life.

We understand that education does not only happen in classrooms. We therefore expect everyone to participate positively in the life and wider work of the school and the community. In this way, they develop the skills they need to become highly effective and positive citizens, employees and employers in an ever changing and complex world.

We aim for students to develop socially as well as academically, to be confident about themselves, motivated by a strong sense of personal worth and to show consideration for others and the environment. Maiden Erlegh Trust Schools' therefore sets high standards of behaviour and self-presentation, promoting both the traditional values and modern skills which underpin life-long learning and achievement and personal wellbeing.


Maiden Erlegh Trust Schools' will continue to excel at bringing out the best in students of all abilities. To do this we will place students at the heart of what we do and work closely in partnership with parents. We will provide:

  • A safe, calm, respectful and happy place to work and learn
  • Stimulating and challenging learning for all
  • High quality and inspiring teaching
  • A rich and relevant curriculum
  • Varied and exciting extra-curricular opportunities which allow students to flourish outside the classroom
  • High quality and personalised pastoral care

We will not be complacent – we will compare our work with that of the best schools in the country and continue to improve.

For more information, please see our British Values document on our Key Policies page.