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A Mayan Paradise

Simile and adjective POWER! Read ours and get inspired!

Today we wrote about visitng paradise. We used all our ideas from our senses lesson which involved smelling, touching and tasting lots of different fruits.

Here are some of our similes:

"The sparkly water was as blue as the sky." Nevaeh.

"The mango tastes as yummy as chocolate." "The water is as shiny as royal gold." Malakai.

"Paradise is as peaceful as the night sky." Rebecca.

"The sands of paradise are as clean and smooth as sugar." Harvey.

"The leaves are as green as emeralds." Jessica B.

"The tiger jumped at me like a cute kitten." Jack.

"It sea was as warm as a hot tub." Vincent.

"An elephant stamps like a car door slamming!" Fely.

"Paradise is as peaceful as space." Daniel M.