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Developing our bservational skills in art.

As part of our science work on plants, we spent some time observing flowers having watched "Austin's Butterfly" beforhand. We took our time and looked closely at what we were drawing with spectacular  and beautiful results.  

"I persevered doing it and I didn't rush so that's how my work came out." Gregory.

"I looked carefully just to get the detail. I was inspired by  'Austin's Butterfly' ." Casey.

" I looked at the design of the flower carefully so I could get the detail." Caitlyn.

"I did a second draft, like in "Austin's Butterfly." Jessie.

"I thought about the colours on the petals to make the flowers look realistic." Bianka 



  1. IMG_0889

    Updated - 11/05/16

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    Updated - 11/05/16

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    Updated - 11/05/16

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    Updated - 11/05/16

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    Updated - 11/05/16

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    Updated - 11/05/16