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FRoGs - Friends Of GHPS

FRoGS are a small group of parents and teachers who organise events and fun things for the children to do, to help raise money for the school.

We have a number of events running throughout the year, from Easter Egg Hunt, May Day or Summer Fair, to Fireworks Night and Christmas events as well as discos and Film Nights.

The money we raise enables us to provide play equipment and playground items for the children in response to the needs of the school.

We are in need of more parent volunteers to help with our events or we will be unable to keep doing them.  This will be such as shame as the children enjoy them so much.

Being part of the FRoGS is not only a terrific way to help the school with fundraising and events, it is also a brilliant way to meet other parents and get to know new people.  If you would like to know more about the FRoGS, please get in touch by emailing, find us on facebook or pop into the school office with your contact information.  We'd love to hear from you!