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Pupil Surveys

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93% of pupils rate Great Hollands Primary School as good-excellent and 90% are proud to go to our school.

Pupils are also complementary about school and aspects of our work and rate the following statements strongly.


  • Teachers help me.
  • I feel happy in school.
  • I feel safe in school.


  • Teachers help me understand my work and how to do even better.
  • I enjoy lessons.
  • I am challenged to think and work hard.
  • If I find the work a bit hard, I don’t give up but do my best.
  • I feel I am getting better all of the time.
  • I understand why good behaviour is important for everyone to do well and enjoy school.
  • I do my best to be kind and behave well in school.
  • Behaviour in lessons is good.
  • Behaviour around school is good.
  • Pupils are encouraged to show everyone respect.
  • I feel happy in school.
  • I feel safe in school.
  • I feel cared for in school.
  • I know what to do if I am bullied in school.
  • I understand that missing school and tuning up late harms my learning.
  • I feel confident and proud of myself.
  • I understand how to keep myself physically fit and healthy.
  • I understand how to look after my mental and emotional health.
  • I am learning how to make and keep positive relationships.
  • I am learning how to keep myself safe online and on social media.
  • Pupils at school are listened to.
  • I am trusted to take responsibilities.