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You Said... We Did...

Constructive feedback from our pupils and their parents and carers is essential for us to understand where we are getting things right, but also identifies areas that we need to look at improving in the future.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our 2019 surveys. 



87% of parents rate the school good to excellent.

These questions scored 90% or higher:

  • Pupils attitudes to learning and class
  • The quality of information about the curriculum your child is learning.
  • The quality of teaching
  • The degree of challenge
  • The development of independent learning and thinking skills.
  • The development of revision and rote learning skills.
  • My child is happy in school
  • My child feels safe in school.
  • My child is safe in school
  • Students are respectful of other cultures and races.
  • Students are respectful of those with disabilities.
  • Students are respectful of girls and women.
  • Pupil behaviour outside lessons.
  • The quality of equality education and promotion
  • The quality of our cyber-safety education.
  • The quality of our sex and relationships education.
  • The quality of our healthy-living education.
  • Our management of attendance.
  • Our management of punctuality.
  • Newsletters are informative and helpful.

These questions scored 80% or higher:

  • The appropriateness of homework.
  • The range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities.
  • The quality of provision for more able pupils.
  • Students are respectful of the LGBTQ community
  • The development of resilience and perseverance.
  • The quality of our pastoral care.
  • Our teaching of mental health and well-being strategies.
  • The information for parents on how to support their child is helpful (eg: website, reports, parents’ evenings, etc.)

Priorities set for next year

  • The usefulness of feedback (reports and feedback in books)
  • Better communication around our support of pupils with additional needs.
  • The promotion of our anti-bullying message to both pupils and parents.


89% of pupils rate the school good to excellent.

These questions scored 90% or higher:

  • I am happy in school
  • I feel safe in school
  • If something is worrying me, there is someone I would feel happy to talk to in school.
  • Pupils are encouraged to show everyone respect.
  • Pupils are friendly and kind to each other.
  • Teachers listen to what I have to say in lessons
  • I am trusted to take on responsibilities and be independent
  • I am learning how to keep healthy.
  • I enjoy my lessons.
  • My teachers challenge me and I have to think hard.
  • My teachers help me understand my work and how to be even better.
  • When I don’t understand things, or find things hard, I don’t give up – I keep trying.
  • I feel I am getting better all the time.

Priorities set for next year:

  • Review home learning opportunities.  
  • Ensure pupils undertake homework tasks set.
  • Support pupils to recognise what great behaviour in class looks like and celebrate as a class how well they work together.